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About Sonata

Sonata, India's largest selling, and most favorite watch brand has been offering style and contemporary designs mixed with the right amount of grace. The bold and beautiful designs of Sonata watches capture aspirations and imaginations of those who are young at heart. From decades, this has been passed down to generations as legacy and we, at Sonata, have witnessed it all with love.

Sonata's exciting range of more than 600 designs and numerous collections has helped us celebrate the self-belief we carry within to the people we love in the most beautiful way possible.

Today, Sonata continues to serve across Titan Company's 11,000+ authorized watch outlets and the exclusive World of Titan stores chain. What's' more? There's a watch for every occasion, mood, and even age-group.

With exquisite looks, world-class quality and millions of admirers, Sonata has become an essential part of families through these years. Redefining a watch from being just an accessory to making it a symbol of pride and confidence, Sonata aims to spread the message in every corner of the nation. Let’s come together and be a part of this timeless journey.